The 3-Step Guide To Moving Organization

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Whether you’re moving a single-bedroom apartment or a multi-level home that you’ve lived in for years, staying organized and packing efficiently are often two of the most challenging aspects of a move. Here are three tried and tested moving tips you can use to make the packing and unpacking process easy and stress-free. Keep in mind that packing is only half the battle, though. Hire Kanyon’s Movers to streamline your move with local movers you can trust!

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Start Early

Many people understandably procrastinate when it comes to planning and packing. Moving is stressful, and choosing to put moving-related tasks off until tomorrow buys you time. You’re going to have to do it at some point, though, and the only thing more stressful than organizing a move is organizing one at the very last minute. The earlier you contact local movers, purchase packing supplies, and start putting things you won’t need before the move into boxes, the easier the process will be.

Man moving several boxes, a lamp, and a rug.

Pack Rooms Separately

It can be tempting to mix items from different rooms in an attempt to save both time and space in the boxes you’ve purchased. However, any time you save up front with this strategy is going to be counterbalanced by the time it takes to find everything and sort through your belongings as you unpack. You’ll have a lot going on in the days and weeks leading up to your move — the less you have to rely on your memory, the better. If you pack each room separately, all you’ll need to do is have your movers match each box to its respective room and start unpacking when you’re ready.


Label Boxes and Write Everything Down

Label every box you pack with the room name, a number, and its contents. Then, write the number and room name down on a list that’s unlikely to get lost in the shuffle. Note apps and spreadsheets are great, but paper can work well as long as you take photos of the sheet and keep it with you at all times. This will help you keep track of how many boxes you move, ensure that everything makes it to the destination, and allow you to find things quickly when you’re ready to unpack.

Making your move easy is as simple as following these moving tips and contacting the right team for the job. Kanyon’s Movers offers affordable, efficient, and professional moving services in the Salt Lake area — contact us to start planning your move today!